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Safety First

Safety first for cleaners means not just ensuring members of the public benefit from a clean and safe environment, but that you are safe while carrying out your duties, too.
Wherever and whatever you are cleaning, it is wise to take sensible precautions:

Safety for you:

  • PPE ­– this includes anything that is going to enable you to work safely
  • If working at high level, you will need to consider using goggles and masks because of the risk of dust or larger objects falling on you
  • Protect your clothes with an overall
  • If you are working in an industrial setting or where there are forklift trucks you will need safety footware
  • If you are working with chemicals, check on the container whether you need to wear gloves
  • Where possible section off the area being cleaned and make people aware of what you are doing
  • When the task is completed, take the equipment back to where it is stored and clean up
  • Finally, when it is safe to do so, remove any warning signs
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