We know we are biased, but we believe our products are far too beautiful to end up in landfill – so please return your end-of-life SYR buckets and polypropylene plastics and we will repurpose them into new SYR Switch products.

Delivery of Old Product

Customers send their old, discarded polypropylene products back to SYR, saving them from landfill.


Once at SYR’s recycling facility, the products are taken apart, removing any metal components, such as screws, handles and wringers. These materials are then recycled.
The remaining plastic is cut down to size and placed into a specialist recycling machine, where it is ground down into pellets.
Injection Moulding
The pellets are melted down and shaped however desired using the injection moulding technique.
After the plastic is shaped, components such as castors, handles and wringer are fitted to form the final product.
Delivery of New Product
The new durable product, made from recycled materials, is ready to be packaged and shipped out to customers.

Reduce > Reuse > Repurpose

Here at SYR, driving sustainability in all that we do is one of our top priorities. We recognise that as a large scale producer of plastic products we have a responsibility to minimise the waste we produce as much as possible, and do our part to have a positive impact on the environment. This has driven us to explore numerous innovations in the last few years, all with the aim of making our products, and overall business, more sustainable. We developed our highly popular Interchange range to reduce the amount materials wasted in producing handles for every cleaning tool, and in 2018 we created the world’s first mopping system made of recycled materials, with the TC20-R bucket and wringer combo.


Now, to continue our goal of reducing waste wherever we can, we are launching a brand new and exciting scheme for our customers: the Switch Framework. This is one more way that SYR are aiming to redefine our business and further our goal of transforming SYR into a truly sustainable manufacturer, by creating a cradle to cradle circular economy, and making the most of the earth’s finite resources through intelligent design solutions.

With this closed loop recycling system, would-be waste, such as broken or worn plastic cleaning buckets, is transformed by SYR’s advanced plastic recycling and manufacturing processes into completely new and ready-to-use products. Instead of paying for external companies to dispose of your waste, our customers now have the option to any SYR polypropylene product back to us. In addition to these financial benefits, this system will also reduce the amount of waste unnecessarily ending up in landfill, alleviating the impact that your company has on the natural environment.

We are already incredibly proud of our existing recycled products, like the SYR Switch range, which we offer at the exact same price as their non-recycled counterparts and are guaranteed to be just as durable and long-lasting. The new Switch Framework service is just one more way for SYR to both support the environment, and support our customers in doing the same.

Sending old plastic products to landfill

vs Repurposing them with the Switch Framework


  • > End of products lifecycle
  • > Finite materials are used up
  • > Landfilled waste produces methane gas, contributing heavily to air pollution
  • > Plastics can take hundreds of years to decompose in landfill
  • > Money expended in waste disposal and landfill tax, which is increasing every year

Switch Framework

  • > Even broken or worn products can be put to use
  • > Materials are repurposed
  • > Manufacturing from recycled materials produces less emissions than throwing away old products and producing new virgin plastic
  • > Repurposing keeps materials in use, and away from the natural environment
  • > Products can be taken at our repurposing plant at no extra cost to the customer
One small change can make a big difference

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