🎉 Celebrating 70 Years of Excellence in Cleaning at SYR! 🎉

We proudly mark 7 decades of unwavering commitment to quality and innovation in the cleaning industry.

SYR has become synonymous with trust, serving as the manufacturer of choice across diverse industry sectors. Our unrivalled reputation is a testament to our dedication to understanding the unique needs of each sector and business, allowing us to craft bespoke products that perfectly match their requirements.

Our journey has been defined by expertise in cleaning, helping teams achieve their organisational goals. What sets us apart is not just our global logistical capabilities but also our strong customer focus, enabling us to consistently exceed service expectations.

A heartfelt thank you to our incredible team and valued customers for being an integral part of this remarkable journey. Here’s to 70 years of excellence, and to many more years of innovation, growth, and success!

SYR’s unrivalled reputation for quality has established us as a trusted manufacturer of choice, across a range of industry sectors.

We understand what makes each sector, and each individual business, unique and have made it our goal as a manufacturer to design and produce bespoke products to perfectly match these requirements. Our expertise in cleaning helps teams meet their organisational goals, whilst our global logistical capabilities, combined with our strong customer focus, enable us to exceed service expectations.

First beginning operation in 1954 as a small window cleaning business, SYR has since expanded to reach all over the world, manufacturing a wide variety of cleaning products, from sponges to litter pickers, chemical cleaners to safety signs. Innovation is at the heart of what we do, and is what really stands us apart from our competitors; with 48 patents and 780 inter-connected innovations, we are always looking to the future, and seeking new and creative solutions to improve cleaning effectiveness and sustainability.

In fact, SYR’s innovation, invention and development has moved forward at such a rate that today we now have three Manufacturing Bases in Great Britain, the USA and China, all with identical Tooling, Assembly Facilities and Warehousing and a mutual interflow of technological innovation and development. Even as we have expanded, we still consider ourselves to be a close-knit family business that strives to act with integrity, trusted by our customers all over the world to provide them with cleaning excellence.

In the UK, we have been at the forefront of the cleaning industry for many years, trusted by businesses and institutions across the country to keep their premises safe and hygienic. We supply to diverse sectors like restaurant chains, supermarkets and higher education facilities, and manufacture hundreds of products for use by NHS, keeping millions of people safe every day even in sensitive hygiene environments like hospitals where thorough cleaning is imperative. We’ve even had the stamp of approval from her Majesty the Queen herself, when we won the prestigious Queen’s Award for Enterprise: Innovation in 2002, recognising us for our outstanding business achievements and forward-thinking approach.

Since the very beginning we have carefully designed our unique cleaning systems at every stage to make sure they are built to last, an ethos that is still very present in everything we manufacture today. Innovation and quality is still at the heart of everything we do. Because cleaning is so important, the work that we do is vital, and we will continue to offer our exceptional service, just as we have done for many years already, to help our customers meet whatever challenge they may face.

SYR Founded

Scot Young emigrates to Canada and starts a window cleaning company in Toronto.


First English branch in Manchester opens.

The Channel Islands

Branch operation in Jersey, the Channel Islands and Birmingham.


NHS replace cotton mops with SYR SYRTEX mops.

Manufacturing Base

First manufacturing factory opened at Hill Road.

Lucy Housewares

Takeover of Diplomat International; Lucy Houseware products acquired.

Queen's Award

Presented with the Queen's Award for Enterprise and Innovation.

Safety Sign

SYR created the non-tip safety sign.

Recycled Bucket

SYR's first mopping system made with recycled plastic is created.

Multi Surface Cleaning

The SYR Multi Surface Tool (MST) is born.

Solar Panels

SYR have solar panels installed providing our electricity.

Interclean Innovation Award

SYR's Powr-Mop Lite wins the Interclean Innovation Award.

New Global CEO’s appointed

Scot Young Research Limited announces the appointment New Global CEO’s – Kimberley Young and Lee Ann Young.

TC20-R and LTS-R

SYR Switch Framework buckets are manufactured: SYR's first fully Cradle to cradle production


SYR USA has recently unveiled a brand new building, based in St Joseph, Missouri, the former home of the Pony Express postal service, this central location is the perfect place for SYR to connect with our customers all over the US.

Kimberley Young

It is with great sadness that we announce the death of our joint CEO, Kimberley Young, who passed away on January 16th, 2022.

R.I.P Mr Scot Young

May 2nd, 1935 - July 10th, 2023

Scot Young will be remembered for his commitment not only to his job but to the people around him. Mr Young believed that ordinary people can achieve great success. He created a culture at SYR of teamwork and open communication, valuing the contributions of each person. His enduring legacy lives on in SYR’s success today, and he is leaving at the reins a new generation: his daughter, Lee Ann Young, SYR’s current Global CEO, 2 granddaughters and great grandchild, who carry on his passion and dedication to the business.

70 Years of Excellence in Cleaning

Seventy years of SYR’s unrivalled reputation for quality has established us as a trusted manufacturer of choice, across a range of industry sectors.

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Our Values

We will create a safe and simplified world of cleaning, through the manufacture of fit for purpose, innovative products that deliver unique effective cleaning solutions.


innovating and inventing every day


creating a positive, functioning work environment


together we make a difference


putting people at the heart of everything we do


holding ourselves accountable in all we do


to build open and honest relationships