Invention and Innovation

The cleaning industry is one that is constantly evolving, new products and standards being unveiled all the time. SYR has not only been able to keep up with these changes, but lead the pack, through the work of our Product Development team. Curious and creative thinkers, the team are truly inventors and innovators, combining thoughts and ideas to formulate new materials and new products, in addition to modifying and improving existing ones.

Many people use the words invention and innovation interchangeably, but they are in fact two different concepts. 


Invention is the action of creating something new


Innovation uses an invention to introduce something new to the market

Not every invention is an innovation, if it has no real use and does not have any influence on people or practices. In the case of the cleaning industry, if an invention does not improve cleaning efficiency when actually in use, it cannot be classed as an innovation.

Creating new products can sometimes be a long process, taking months or even years to yield results, but our Product Development team works tirelessly to bring new innovation and invention to SYR, allowing us to continue in our mission of creating a simplified world of cleaning.


The process of finding new ways to advance practices and better standards is a continuous one. Our team will sift through pools of proposals, before completing market analysis, looking at existing products to assess the potential of these new ideas.


At this point, the team will formulate a project schedule, create a statement of requirements and establish their test validation criteria, to ensure that all standards will be met.

Concept & Feasibility

Once an idea has been thoroughly researched, the process of turning research into a marketable commodity begins. This is where our team considers concept, the component’s design and proof of principles.

Design & Development

Collaborating constantly, researchers will formulate prototypes to transform the idea into a practical product, making changes and adding complex details as the process progresses. Throughout this key stage, 3D designs are created with performance reviews and validation.

Implementation & Pre-Production

As the product takes shape, collaboration expands into other relevant business areas, where aspects like durability, performance, safety testing, pricing and marketing are considered. Regulatory aspects are also assessed, and work begins to meet all the criteria for approvals before launch.

Mass Production

The product is now ready to be produced on a mass scale, with internal quality checks and sample validation testing at all steps of the way to ensure all products meet our stringent quality control criteria.


The evaluation of the product continues even at this stage, as we collect feedback from our customers. The product that started as a research question will now be ready for its biggest test: the introduction to the market.

Post Production

Over time, products may possibly be redesigned based on regulatory or industry expectation, at which point the research and development process begins again.

Being a leader in innovation is not, as some might suggest, the result of a large pile of patents, as it is only when the usefulness of inventions is proven, that they become innovations. With 48 patents and 780 inter-connection innovations, combined with our forward-thinking approach, SYR has striven to not only introduce new products to the market, but revolutionise cleaning routines through them.

With creative thinking, problems can become the stepping stones for future invention and innovation. We know from our years of experience in the industry that every idea has potential, and with this expertise we can help make the impossible possible.

Creative Thinking

Bringing New Innovation

Inventive Expertise

Leading the Way

Pre and Post Production
Every Aspect is Considered
So when you are next faced with a difficult cleaning task, challenge the SYR Product Development team to help you find a solution.

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