Saving Water with the Rapid Mop

The Rapid Mop is SYR’s best solution for protecting the earth’s most precious resource: water.

Availability of clean, safe water is something that many of us take for granted, but according to WHO, more than 2 million people around the world do not have access to a safely managed water source. Even more people (over 2 billion) live in ‘water-stressed’ countries. These are areas where demand for water is almost exceeding the supply.

There are many reasons why water as a resource is rapidly becoming more scarce, from climate change to population growth. Worldwide water consumption has also been increasing at an extreme rate in the last century. Every day an estimated 10 billion tonnes of freshwater is used globally.

In the UK, the average person uses almost 150 litres of water every day. This is significantly more than the totals of other European nations. The UK also has less available water per person than most other countries in Europe. This is rapidly causing a problem, combining high demand with low stock. In fact, current predictions are that, if people continue to use water at the same rate as they are now, in 25 years demand for water could surpass available supply in the UK. 

Impact of Cleaning

It is clear that water saving measures need to be undertaken as soon as possible, for both individuals and businesses. All industries use water, but cleaning is one that frequently consumes water in high amounts. It is an essential component at every stage of cleaning, from the manufacturing of chemical products (which may contain more than 90% water) to daily tasks like mopping. 

In addition to making the most of a precious, finite resource, implementing vital water-saving measures has other benefits. Using more efficient methods and consuming less resources like water usually creates cost savings for businesses as well. High water use is also associated with high energy use. Filtering and heating water before use requires large amounts of energy, so reducing water use will cut your business’ carbon footprint.

SYR uses innovation to clean more with less water.

Rapid Mop full

The Rapid Mop is an innovative alternative to traditional mopping techniques. Combining sustainability, efficiency and an exceptional cleaning, the Rapid Mop is SYR’s best solution for daily light mopping. A flat mop with an internal water reservoir and spray trigger, this ‘bucketless’ spray mopping system is designed to work effectively with minimal water use. It offers controllable moisture for floors, with its triple spray jets dispensing water directly onto the surface. This results in floors that are both cleaner and drier, preventing accidents as well as saving water.

Flat mopping is a method that uses significantly less water than traditional string mopping techniques. Used damp rather than wet, flat mops can effectively remove spills without using large amounts of water. Spray mopping systems like the Rapid Mop reduce water usage even further, as their design ensures only as much water as needed for the task at hand is used.

The Rapid Mop reduces water usage by 97% compared to mopping with a standard bucket, wringer and dolly mop, saving 7000 litres of water a year with daily use.

Created as a quick and easy solution for daily cleaning, the Rapid Mop uses microfibre cleaning pads to save water even further. 

A material used to make a wide variety of products, microfibre is renowned for its absorbency. As a cleaning tool it is capable of cleaning dust, dirt, liquid spills and all manner of other contamination, using only water. This is what has given it its reputation as a sustainable cleaning material, alongside its reusability and its non-reliance on the use of chemical cleaning products. 

Compared to cotton (the most common material used to make mops), microfibre reduces water use at every level. The production of cotton is highly water intensive, requiring more than 5000 gallons of water to produce the equivalent cotton of a single t-shirt. Many of the top regions where cotton is grown also suffer from water scarcity. When in use, microfibre uses between 10 to 30 times less water than cotton, and cleans more effectively too.

The Rapid Mop can be used with a wide range of compatible SYR flat mops.

The Rapid Mop is compatible for use with a range of SYR flat mops. From the Microfibre Flat Mop for daily cleaning tasks, to the Scrub Strip Flat Mop to remove stubborn dirt, these reusable mops offer the best option for sustainable cleaning.

There are a choice of flat mops available to customise the Rapid Mop to your business’ cleaning requirements. Made of superior quality microfibre, all are designed to be a highly durable and reliable solution. They offer exceptional removal of dirt, dust, spills and even bacteria, whilst creating water savings with every use.