Introducing WRINGER & PRESS

Despite the fact SYR has been operation since 1954 and has been one of the main manufacturers of cleaning supplies in the UK for many years, there is still a great deal that customers and the public do not know about us.

That is why we are so proud and excited to introduce WRINGER & PRESS, a new quarterly newsletter, and a fresh way of sharing SYR’s news and expertise with customers. With a wide range of content within and a focus on both the history and future goals of the company, WRINGER & PRESS is designed to allow customers to get an insight into what inspires SYR to keep striving for cleaning excellence.

✔ Articles about current and trending topics within the UK cleaning industry

✔ Tips and recommendations for a range of cleaning challenges

✔ Insights into who we are at SYR, our beginnings and what drives us to keep striving for cleaning excellence

✔ Interviews with SYR staff and industry professionals

✔ Exclusive looks at SYR products and services

✔ Sneak peaks into our exciting new and upcoming innovations

SYR is always paying careful attention to what matters most to our customers, working hard to stay up-to-date with key trends and topics within the UK, and even global, cleaning industry as a whole. As a result, corresponding to its quarterly release, every edition of WRINGER & PRESS is tailored to the season, with content relating to the unique cleaning issues faced at that particular time. SYR is a company with innovation at its heart, and we know that keeping our finger on the pulse allows us to continue to share the expertise we have acquired from almost 70 years of business, and offer the very best service to our customers.

Every issue of WRINGER & PRESS will be different, so make sure you don’t miss out!



As we all know, cleaning is an industry that is always evolving, constantly developing new solutions to a multitude of hygiene challenges, but there likely hasn’t been a challenge faced by the industry as great as that posed by the coronavirus pandemic in the last year. Businesses have had to quickly adapt their cleaning regimens to combat these risk factors, and work tirelessly to keep everyone in workplaces as safe as possible. Fortunately, as 2021 stretches on, there does seem to be cause for optimism, and lockdown restrictions have gradually been eased across the country. In this first issue of WRINGER & PRESS, we will be discussing a few key post-lockdown cleaning considerations, focusing on how to get businesses ready for welcoming back employees and visitors to the premises. Aside from the obvious health benefits, in a time when so many people have been experiencing anxiety over health and cleanliness, taking every step possible to make sure workplaces are up to standard could give your company an edge over your competitors. Read the full article in WRINGER & PRESS to find out more!

Also included in this issue is a first look at an exciting new service from SYR, offered exclusively to our customers. The TechTeam are innovators in cleaning, using their decades of combined experience and future-thinking approach to revolutionise businesses’ cleaning routines. Through a detailed site survey, using tried and tested scientific methods with instant quantitative results, the TechTeam will assess the effectiveness of your business’ cleaning and identify specific hygiene challenges and problem areas. With this information at your fingertips, the TechTeam will then help your business formulate an action plan to ensure cleaning is meeting the highest standards possible: from personalised recommendations of more cost-effective and sustainable products, to even providing digital training materials to help train cleaning staff in new methods and equipment, the TechTeam will make it simple to make positive changes within your business.

Through WRINGER & PRESS, customers will also be able to learn more about SYR products, whether that be some of the most popular items from our catalogue, or brand new innovations that have only just been unveiled. In Issue 1, the spotlight is on the MOTION range, a collection of durable and sustainable trollies. Available in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit diverse cleaning environments, from general housekeeping areas to controlled cleanroom healthcare settings, all MOTION trollies are intelligently designed to maximise space and facilitate cleaning regimes. We know that minimising environmental impact is a key concern for many of our customers, so the Motion range, created with the environment in mind, will make a valuable addition to any cleaning cupboard.

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