Touch Point Cleaning

A practice that has risen exponentially in popularity since the coronavirus pandemic, touchpoint cleaning is a process in which frequently touched or interacted with surfaces, such as door handles or touch screens, are identified and specially cleaned or disinfected throughout the day. As these surfaces can harbour significant levels of bacteria, transferred on to them through touch, implementing touch-point cleaning strategies and prioritising these areas is a simple yet effective method of infection control, reducing the risk of cross-contamination between people and surfaces.

Multi Surface Tool

The Multi Surface Tool is an alternative to traditional cleaning cloths, using innovative design to provide a quick and effective solution for touch point cleaning. Designed for sustainability and efficiency, the MST uses high quality microfibre cleaning pads to complete up to 80% of the tasks that blue roll is used for, offering an exceptional pick-up of dirt, dust, bacteria and other messes with very little cleaning chemical, generating far less waste in the process.

Durable polypropylene MST frame, to be used with MST pads to clean a multitude of hard surfaces. Compatible with Interchange handles for high level cleaning.

1 MST Pad Covers the Same Surface Area as 30 Rolls of Paper*

Blue roll has a number of key properties that make it particularly useful across a multitude of working environments and tasks. Unfortunately it is single use, cannot be recycled and is over consumed and used inappropriately. It is also very often combined with excess chemical dispensing, which not only leaves surfaces looking unclean and full of smears, but also increases cleaning costs.

So let us introduce you to another option.

SYR Multi Surface Cleaning Tool provides a more cost effective solution with superior cleaning results and can complete up to 80% of the tasks blue roll is commonly used for.
*based on average use and conditions


An indispensable tool when cleaning, a good cleaning cloth can make a huge difference to the overall efficiency of routines. SYR stocks a wide range of cleaning cloths, suitable for different cleaning requirements. With both disposable and reusable solutions available in different weights and materials, including high quality microfibre, all manner of contaminants, including dirt, dust and even bacteria, can be removed with ease during touch-point cleaning.

Disposable Cloth

Single use cloths. Low cost value, ideal for everyday wet wiping. Aperture spun lace.

Ultra-Glide Cloth

Everyday microfibre cloth. Knitted textile.

Microfibre Cloth

Knitted microfibre textile. Perfect for dust and debris pick up. Available in lightweight and heavyweight.

SYR Super Cloths

Made using recycled viscose and recycled PET

A more sustainable option to traditional cleaning cloths, SYR’s new Super Cloths are an easy and eco-friendly solution to wet wiping and dry dusting tasks for touch-point cleaning. Formed from a long-lasting high tensile viscose weave, these reusable and washable cloths are made using recycled materials, ensuring ultimate absorbency and durability, whilst making responsible choices for the planet.

Just one of our great SYR Switch products

Sponges and Pads

Sponges may be a basic, essential cleaning item, but with SYR’s innovative design, effective and sustainable alternatives can be found for these traditional tools. SYR’s sponges and pads offer a high quality construction to guarantee an effective removal of even stubborn marks and stains. From the magic Allclean Eraser Sponge, performing well on a variety of surfaces with only water, to our range of hand pads, made using recycled materials, these durable products are a vital part of any detailed clean, perfect for touch point cleaning.

All Clean Eraser

If only there was a way to magically erase all your cleaning problems

This eraser sponge is not pre-treated, and it doesn’t need to contain any chemicals to work its magic.

Each sponge measures 12cm x 6.5cm x 3cm.

SYR Hand Pads

SYR Hand Pads are made with water based resins and recycled PET fibres.

PET is an acronym for Polyethylene Terephthalate and it is best known as the clear plastic used for water and soda bottle containers. As a raw material, PET is a petroleum-based product that is globally recognised as a safe, lightweight, and flexible material that is also 100% recyclable.

Just one of our great SYR Switch products

Tool Belt

Touch point cleaning can be a task that involves a great deal of movement; in identifying the most touched areas across the entire premises, operatives can often end up expending a lot of time and effort transporting all the tools they need. Complete with adjustable straps and multiple storage compartments, the SYR Cleaners Tool Belt is a convenient addition to any touch-point cleaning routine, a reliable and versatile method of keeping equipment close by and hands free for cleaning.

Cleaners Tool Belt

Highly versatile sleek black design with adjustable belt strap, multiple compartments and double stitched pockets to keep all cleaning tools to hand.

Detail Work

Depending on the area being cleaned, and the task itself, a multitude of tools may be needed for detail work and touch-point cleaning. From sprayers to scrapers, and brushes to sponges, SYR has an innovative solution to every hygiene requirement and challenge, expressly designed for efficient and effective cleaning, especially important for touch point cleaning where a rapid and germ- eliminating performance is vital for maintaining safety standards.

Claw Brush

Small head with tough polypropylene bristles for confined spaces, ideal for tight corners and canopies. 16.2cm long. Easily attached to Interchange for high level.

Dusting Tool

Bendable alloy frame, can be attached to Telescopic Handles, for dusting in hard-to-reach places. Use with choice of disposable and re-usable sleeves, sold separately. 72cm.


Synthetic fibre duster, ideal for dusting pipework, radiators, venetian blinds and flat surfaces.


Ergonomically designed with angled head for comfort and control. Suitable for removing excess paint and stickers from windows. Spare blades sold separately.

SYR Spray Bottles

The industry preferred choice of trigger for a multitude of spraying tasks. Fully adjustable rotating nozzle to change the spray from powerful jet to fine mist.

Heavy duty moulded polyethylene bottles with calibration marking for easy chemical dilution. 2.8cm/ R3 screw thread.
Custom printing available