SYR TechTeam

Every business is different, with their own unique environments and cleaning challenges.
With the huge amount of cleaning equipment and tools that are available it can be
difficult to formulate an effective cleaning strategy for your team.
Fortunately SYR has the solution.

The SYR TechTeam, comprised of skilled professionals with years of industry experience and a passion for advanced cleaning practices, offers a bespoke service. Through analysing your existing cleaning practices and producing a detailed site survey, they will help your business identify your cleaning needs and offer exclusive advice and recommendations. No matter where you or your customers are in the UK, a member of the TechTeam will arrange a suitable time to visit – and the best part is that it is a completely free service for all SYR customers.

What SYR TechTeam offer

The TechTeam will work with you and your business to create a personalised solution, suited to your business’ requirements and environments. Whether you want to save money without compromising on your cleaning performance, ensure all standards and regulations are being met, or make the switch to more sustainable alternatives, the TechTeam are here to help.

Ensure compliance
Improve standards

Explore latest innovation

Knowledge enhancement

Create bespoke solutions

Deliver more for less

Independent assessments

Drive sustainability


done to prove reduction of slips, trips and falls.


an ATP machine is one high tech way our TechTeam will help keep you and your customers safe.


in person and virtual group video calls for knowledge enhancement.

Slip Fall Testing

Slip fall injuries are one of the most common types of incidents occurring in the workplace, with a third of reported occupational injuries being attributed to this kind of accident. Many incidents may be minor, but as 95% of more serious slips will result in broken bones or fractures it is imperative that all possible measures are taken to ensure floors remain safe and suitable for use.

SYR offer slip testing for floors as part of our TechTeam service, using tried and tested methods to assess safety. One of our simple yet effective methods, with clear and demonstrable results, is the use of a small car tribometer. The device is run down a fixed ramp – if the car slides a long distance along the floor, then the surface is too slippery and thus a potential hazard. The TechTeam will then offer advice and recommendations for fixing the problem, minimising risks and keeping all on the premises safe.

ATP Testing

ATP is short for Adenosine Triphosphate, a compound that is present in the living cells of all organic matter. As a result, testing for ATP is an effective method of scientifically verifying whether a surface is clean or not. It will monitor if the area has been properly disinfected, testing for organic living matter; if it has not been, tests for ATP will show up positive.

This is a simple way of highlighting possible oversights in cleaning routines, or illustrating to staff the effectiveness, or indeed ineffectiveness, of cleaning methods or products used.

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