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Since SYR made the switch from service to manufacturing in 1985, we have worked tirelessly to stay inventing and innovating to keep offering our customers the very best. Expanding every year, our product range offers a diverse selection of cleaning equipment, from trollies to window squeegees, mops to safety signs – all carefully designed for quality and durability.

Three sided mopping

SYRTex Colour Changers are an ideal solution to large area cleaning. Made of specially blended SYRTex yarn, these large and durable mops feature a built-in scrub pad to remove stubborn dirt and grime from floor surfaces, perfect for busy areas with high footfall.

Switch to a more sustainable choice

The SYR Switch range is one of the most innovative ways that SYR is endeavouring to make our business more sustainable, and helping our customers to do the same. Using materials previously destined for landfill, such as recycled and regrind plastics, SYR Switch combines high quality construction and ergonomics, whilst directly supporting the environment with every use.