One handle to fit them all

Our award-winning range of handles are testament to SYR’s commitment to sustainability and innovation in cleaning. Available in different lengths, and colour-coded for use in different cleaning areas, SYR Interchange handles have been designed to fit a multitude of SYR cleaning tools, from mops to scrapers, to complete a variety of cleaning and maintenance tasks with ease. One handle does it all.

Handles and Cleaning Equipment

It can often be difficult to not only use but also store all the equipment that you need for cleaning when space is limited. SYR’s Interchange range was created as a solution to this problem, improving efficiency in cleaning routines whilst also offering a more sustainable solution, making the most of available materials and minimising waste. One handle does it all – fitting a wide range of cleaning tools, from mops to squeegees, Interchange handles are the perfect space-saving solution to simplifying the cleaning process.

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Interchange fits a multitude of SYR products





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No matter what the environment or cleaning challenge, SYR can provide a mopping solution to suit customers’ requirements. Available in different weights and mop materials, SYR socket mops are highly absorbent and durable, perfect for daily mopping in smaller space areas. Fully colour-coded and Interchange-compatible, the below mops can all be used with the same handle, easily and quickly attached and removed, and are ideal for use with the above mop buckets to offer an exceptional cleaning performance.

Cotton Mops

Excellent value for money for everyday mopping. Individually bagged. Simply cut off tabs to colour code.

Freedom Mops

Economy cotton or Blended Yarn mops to suit smaller space mopping applications. Available in different weights.

Coloured Yarn Mops

Premium quality with unique SYRtex looped for fast dirt pick up and water release. Available in different weights.

SYRSorb Mops

SYRSorb mops are non-linting, absorbing large amounts of water without leaving any residue behind, as a result of its man-made fibres.

Colour Changer Mops

Designed to provide a more efficient and hygienic cleaning experience, SYR’s Colour Changers are an innovative solution to daily mopping tasks. Made of SYRtex, SYR’s exclusive blended yarn mop material, these durable mops feature a unique design and offer three different cleaning surfaces, just with a simple twist of the mop head, keeping each mop fresher for longer and saving cleaning teams time and effort with every use.

Super Dry Mop

Made of a high quality microfibre, the Super Drying Flat Mop provides an extra step for ensuring safety in cleaning routines. This launderable flatmop screws easily onto SYR Interchange handles to quickly switch from mopping to drying, perfect for taking care of messes fast and minimising the risk of accidents occurring on wet, slippery floors. Ideal for drying large floor areas, where it may be difficult to prevent public access whilst the floor is still air drying, this soft and highly absorbent flatmop leaves surfaces clean, dry and smear-free.


Brushes can be used for more than just outdoor sweeping. Available in different sizes and suitable for use inside or outside, SYR’s brushes are a reliable and versatile collection of products to suit a range of cleaning challenges. For smaller space areas, products like the Grout Brush and the Deck Scrubber are compact solutions, with tough scrubbing action and specially-designed construction to fit into even confined spaces.

Grout Brush

Angled tough polypropylene brush for cleaning grout between tiles and floor edges. Colour-coded bristles. 23cm wide

Deck Brush

Hardwearing brush with compact design ideal for confined spaces. Long-life bristles with tough scrubbing action to remove ground-in dirt. Colour-coded bristles. 24cm wide.

Scrator Brush

Heavy duty multi-purpose brush with angled side bristles to brush right up to the edge and into corners. Hardwearing and machine or hand washable. Colour-coded bristles. 29.5cm.