Creating a Safer Environment with the Safeguard-R

Keeping people safe, no matter where they are, is our top priority at SYR. Our range of safety solutions combine innovative design with high quality construction to create durable and reliable systems that stand out from the crowd. The Safeguard-R Caution Sign is a testament to this innovation, a truly unique product that works to keep environments cleaner and safer.

Slips, Trips & Falls

Safety signs are a cleaner’s cupboard essential. A simple yet effective safety solution, caution signs and cones can be a vital tool in preventing one of the UK’s most common cause of injury: slips, trips and falls.

Slips, trips and falls are often treated like a minor mishap, but they are actually a major cause of injury for both employees at work and the general public. Many injuries sustained from this type of incident may be minor, but more serious, debilitating injuries are possible. 95% of major slips result in broken bones or fractures. In the worst of cases, STFs can even result in fatalities, particularly for older people.

More than a third of occupational injuries are caused by slips, trips and falls.

Causes of Slips, Trips & Falls

Slips, trips and falls may be attributed to a number of factors; from weather conditions or poor lighting, to individual characteristics such as age or disability. Floor contamination, including spillages, is a primary cause, with 90% of all slips occurring on wet or contaminated floors. As slips are four times more common than trips, this shows that a significant number of accidents are caused by this factor alone, which is often easily preventable.

Contamination is implicated in almost all slip accidents. Regular and effective cleaning to remove contamination helps to reduce accidents.

Safeguard-R yellow safety sign with blue SYRtex mop mopping in shop
Using a safety sign while mopping is best practice for reducing the risk of slip-fall accidents.

Cleaning itself is a key component. It is an essential measure in keeping floors safe, removing hazardous floor contamination and spills. However, cleaning can also be the cause of accidents like slips, trips and falls. The cleaning process has the potential to create many safety hazards, including for the cleaning operative themselves. For example, floors left wet after mopping is a very common cause of accidents for cleaning staff and the public alike. 

To minimise the risk of accidents, it is imperative to make sure the correct equipment is used for each cleaning task, accompanied with sufficient training. This includes measures such as effective drying floors after mopping and switching to more water-efficient methods like flat mopping to leave floors drier and less slippery. Training in the safe use of caution signs can also be a vital step in preventing accidents.

How can safety signs prevent accidents?

Many common hazards that lead to slips, trips and falls are often not immediately visible to the naked eye. This includes water spills, grease, wax and other residue, many of which are left on floors after cleaning. Because of this, placing a visible warning nearby can be the difference between an accident occurring and being prevented. Safety signs are useful for blocking pedestrian access. This makes people aware of potential hazards in the vicinity and gives cleaning staff time to deal with the issue.

Due to the impact of individual factors, signs and cones are not a failsafe preventative method against slips, trips and falls. In around half of all slip accidents, some form of safety signage has been reported to have been used. That being said, signs are still one of the best ways of drawing attention to the problem and encouraging caution.

With correct use, it is estimated that safety signs can help prevent up to 50% of slip-fall accidents.

Safeguard-R safety A-sign made of recycled plastic

SYR has manufactured high quality safety signs for the professional cleaning sector for many years.

You can find our popular caution cones and signs in diverse industries not just in the UK, but globally.


Known for our innovation, SYR products prove that not all safety signs are made equal. Taking the simple concept of the caution sign or cone, we work to evolve our designs to create a more effective safety solution, protecting people against accidents like slips, trips and falls.

The best example of this commitment to innovation and quality is the Safeguard-R Caution Sign.

This durable safety sign is one of SYR’s most iconic products, ideal for a variety of environments and cleaning tasks. The Safeguard is equipped with a range of features to make it an effective and reliable safety solution. It is both lightweight and highly durable, with a high visibility print on both sides. Customers can even customise the Safeguard to specific requirements via a branding plate.

There is an extra innovation that truly makes the Safeguard unique compared to similar products. At the top of the sign is a handy clip feature, SYR’s patented design, which secures the sign once open. This prevents the sign from tipping over, making the product more reliable when in use. This simple addition to the design makes a big impact in creating a safer environment. 

Safeguard-R Safety Sign with patented top clip stability feature
The Safeguard-R top clip is quick and easy to use.

Check out the Safeguard-R’s features in action in our new product video:

SYR Switch

The Safeguard-R is part of the SYR Switch range of eco-friendly cleaning tools.

Just as the Safeguard innovates the traditional design of A-signs, the Safeguard-R is the next step in safety sign evolution. Created through SYR’s specialist sustainable manufacturing system, the Safeguard-R is made of 100% recycled polypropylene. Making the most of materials already in circulation, the Safeguard-R reduces our impact as a large-scale manufacturer on the environment. Every year this product will prevent the equivalent of 250,000 plastic bottles from ending up in landfill.

In addition to being made of recycled material, the design of the Safeguard-R is highly plastic-efficient. Compared to similar competitor A-signs, the construction of the Safeguard-R uses very little plastic (0.5kg per sign). This results in a product that is lightweight, whilst still being extremely durable. Over time, this adds up to significant reductions in the amount of plastic and energy wasted.

SYR Safeguard-R 50% less plastic

Both the Safeguard and the Safeguard-R are printed using in-mould labelling. This process works by fusing the label directly with the product during manufacturing. This results in a high resolution, non-removable and wear-resistant print, creating a product that looks better and lasts longer.

By combining the moulding and labelling processes into one, this creates a more efficient system. At end of life the plastic can also be recycled, ensuring less waste and making the most of all materials.

Just as durable as any virgin plastic, the Safeguard-R is proof that SYR need not compromise between supporting the environment and offering an amazing product.

With in-mould printing the label is an intrinsic part of the final product, meaning the entire Safeguard-R sign is 100% recyclable.

Close up of in-mould print label on Safeguard-R recycled plastic safety sign
Unlike stickers, the in-mould print of the Safeguard-R does not scratch or fade over time.