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Gyms and sports facilities often utilise a number of different floor types, including wood, vinyl and specialist non-slip flooring, which can make these areas challenging to clean, especially with heavy daily use. However, making sure all floors are clean and well-maintained is essential, as accidents can occur very easily when people are exercising on worn or slippery floors.

The numerous touchpoints make indoor sports facilities a concern in terms of infection control. Illness-causing bacteria can spread between people every time a surface is touched or shared equipment is used, which emphasises the need for regular cleaning and hygiene measures by gym users as well as cleaning staff. Keeping these facilities clean is not only important for health and safety, but also for business, as poorly maintained sites could seriously impact reputation.

For courts and indoor sports halls

Nomad Lite & Ultra X Chemical – S0400000/S0357000

For wiping down touch points

SYR Single Use Cloth 50gsm


For corridors and lobbys

Rapid Mop & Standard Head – 993493/993103

For changing room floors and walls

Duo Press Combine Mop Mobile Bucket


SYR Flat Mop Frame S0620000
Microfibre Flatmop Blue 993949

For high level dusting

Microfibre Dusting Tool & Sleeve X0174000/X0176292

For a multitude of surfaces and glass

MST Kit 994289

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