Centre for Excellence in Cleaning


Nowhere else is cleaning as important as in healthcare environments, where hygiene is of the utmost importance to prevent infections from spreading amongst at-risk patients and service users. Unfortunately, even as cleaning is a vital step in protecting against illness, it can also be one of the main avenues for cross-contamination, with bacteria carried between areas on cleaning tools that haven’t been sufficiently disinfected between uses.

With diverse environments, from cleanrooms to patient rooms and communal areas, each with different cleaning requirements, an effective cleaning system is essential for maintaining efficiency and safety across the entire premises. A clean, organised environment is also important for maintaining users’ comfort and confidence in the facilities they are using, aiding them in their recovery.

Motion Trolley (pre-dosed) – S0500000
Dual Tech Frame and Interchange Handle – S0519000/S0175000

Abrasive Grattino Mop – S0521000

Disposable Impregnated Cloths Roll


Nomad Lite & Ultra X Chemical – S0400000/S0357000

Dusting Flexi Frame


Microfibre Dusting Tool Sleeve


Disposable Sleeve for Infection Control


Hangon Bucket


SYR Single Use Cloth 50gsm


Grout Brush


Claw Brush


Toilet Cleaner (Sanitiser) S0369000

Vacuum Cleaner

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Areas in the Centre for Excellence in Cleaning are:

• Healthcare • QSR • Hospitality • Public Sector • Office • Assisted Living


SYR, Lye By-Pass, Stourbridge,

West Midlands, DY9 8HG, UK