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Assisted Living

Maintaining hygiene is vital in these environments to protect potentially vulnerable service users from the spread of infection. Unfortunately, cleaning is often one of the main methods of cross-contamination, with germs carried between areas on cleaning tools that haven’t been sufficiently cleaned between uses, so choosing hygienic solutions is the most important step for health and safety.

Service users may also be particularly at risk of injury should they experience an accident like a slip, trip or fall, which means that cleaning and safely maintaining floor surfaces is especially important in these environments.

Duo Press Combine Mop Mobile Bucket


SYR Flat Mop Frame S0620000
Microfibre Flatmop Blue 993949
Rapid Mop, Ultimate Duo Head & Disposable Head – 993493/S0616292/994551 (requires Disapd X0215202)

MF Cloth 992646

MST Kit 994289

Dusting Flexi Frame


Microfibre Dusting Tool Sleeve


Grout Brush 930068

Scrator Brush 998626

Floor Squeegee S0702292

Abra Eraser Holder 994811

Abra Eraser Sponge 994751

Toilet Cleaner (Sanitiser) S0369000

Vacuum Cleaner

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