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10 tips for cleaning equipment care

The cleaning shift is over, your floors, walls and surfaces are spotless – but there’s one more vital task before you finish.

Taking proper care of your cleaning equipment will not only extend its life but ensure it is ready to go next time. Well-maintained equipment also creates a good impression.

Equipment should be stored in an orderly manner once you have finished cleaning, when the floors are dry and warning signs removed.

Here are FOCUS's top 10 tips for caring for your cleaning equipment:

  • Rinse the mop clean and invert it to air dry
  • If the mop goes to laundry, rinse it first – especially if it has had chemicals on it which may react with washing detergent
  • Empty the bucket and rinse
  • Do a visual check for any damage
  • Make sure the casters are rolling smoothly
  • Put the equipment in its designated storage area
  • Take off sleeves and check the frame and handle
  • Vacuum any dry dusting sleeves
  • Store chemicals on low levels so they will not drip or tip and pour on you; ensure tops are clean and safely screwed on
  • Ensure everything is left tidy, secure and easy to access next time.
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