A mop bucket is just a mop bucket, right? Wrong.

Here at SYR we make a variety of buckets and mopping solutions, so how do you choose which one to buy?

The variety of buckets means that there is the perfect one for every situation and pricing point, from our most basic, economical bucket to our latest cutting-edge innovations.

The mistake some people make is to base the buying decision purely on price.

The old saying ‘you get what you pay for’ is as true for cleaning equipment as it is for everything else. Using equipment beyond what it was designed for runs the risk of breaking it. At the very least it won’t perform to the standard required.

So your cheap solution could end up being costly when you have to replace it unnecessarily. Buy the right bucket and you should get 10-15 years of work out of it.

There are a number of key questions to ask yourself:

  • How often will I use it? (Some wringers are designed for more repeated action than others)
  • How much space do I have to store it? (Big buckets and small cupboards don’t mix!)
  • How far will I have to wheel it for use? (A taller bucket and handle means you won’t be stooping to push it along)
  • Am I cleaning at a time/place where there will be people around? (Think about its visibility and how wet it leaves the floor)
  • Is colour coding important to you? (SYR mop buckets are colour coded)

To show you what we mean, let’s use four of our most popular mopping buckets as examples.

Sky Combo

Sky Combo is our lowest priced mop bucket.

This bucket and wringer was invented more than 15 years ago. It is designed for people who do not have the volume of work to justify buying stronger, more expensive buckets.

Sky Combo does not have the strength or ‘muscle’ to tackle heavy-duty use but it remains the ideal entry-level mop bucket for light duties.


Lady is our most successful low-cost wringer and bucket on both sides of the Atlantic.

If you are taking on more frequent, intermediate cleaning – say four times a day – then this would be the mop bucket for you.

It gives you the extra features you’d need such as the sump and grid design which keeps your water cleaner, pick-up-and-go handle and extra long legs for better ergonomics. A portion control pod gives exact dosing for detergents, which will stop you spending more on chemicals than you need.


TC20 is the next step up, for anyone looking at all day, every day cleaning.

With durable polypropylene casting, cast alloy cross member and resilient glass nylon fibre gearing and pressure bars. The Ebony Combo recycled plastic version of the bucket is also available.


Cleaning in high traffic areas? Then you need to consider something like our LTS. Strong, durable and of top professional quality, it is taller to give eye-level visibility. The ergonomic bucket and wringer reduce RSI in the operator, and the wringer gets even more water out of the mophead – ideal for cleaning where members of the public are present and you don’t want to soak the floor.

When you have chosen your bucket, make sure you are using the right mophead with it. Trying to force a mop that is too big for a wringer will only break the bucket and wringer. If in doubt, get advice from your supplier.