Suppliers, Customers and Partners

The first principle of dealing with third party businesses is the adoption of a fair and ethical approach to all our dealings. As individual employees, our people have the responsibility of protecting and promoting the good name and reputation of SYR.

All third-party transactions

Our aim: to have the reputation of a company that third parties want to do business with, that they feel comfortable in dealing with SYR etc

SYR strive to ensure that everyone with external trading and other relationships understand the standards of business engagement expected of them, that they feel responsible for the reputation of the Company and present themselves with highest degree of integrity at all times.

Engaging our customers

Our aim: to ensure we engage with our customers and respond to their needs by providing a wide range of products, services and information to maximise their own commercial aspirations sustainably. SYR is aware from informal research and direct dialogue that there is an increasing customer awareness of environmental and social issues. This places an expectation on us to offer information, products and services to help them create more sustainable business with their customers and ultimate consumers. We can help our customers in finding affordable products to support their sustainable agenda and those further down the supply chain.

Our suppliers and other partners

Our aim: to ensure that there is a mutual benefit in dealing with SYR and that our suppliers and other partners have confidence in the value of doing business with us. Our business has a direct impact on the environment and lives of people all over the world and we are committed to doing business in a way which ensures that everyone in our supply chain benefits from trading with us.

We believe that protection of the environment, high workplace standards, good health and safety and fair pay and employment conditions are all elements of a successful, professionally run business and contribute to its efficiency and productivity.
Innovation and invention has been at the heart of Scot Young Research since its beginnings in 1954.

L’innovation et l’invention sont au cœur de Scot Young Research depuis ses débuts en 1954.
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